Don’t you just love it when…

  • Your parents are willing to drive over an hour to meet you for dinner
  • The friend that goes along so you don’t have to drive the dark road by yourself (figuratively and literally speaking)
  • When something really great happens for you. And upon hearing the news, a friend’s face lights up and a super-great hug is given in congratulations
  • When a friend calls and delivers the bad news, but doesn’t inturupt the silence of sadness with “you still there?” But instead, waits quietly as if your head was resting on his shoulder. And when he does speak, he doesn’t offer cliche #13, but just prays for you
  • That person who, when it comes right down to it, doesn’t know you very well, but offers insight that brings confidence you didn’t know you had.
  • That you can keep saving and re-saving the message your niece left on your voice mail, therefore having the ability to hear that sweet, perfect little voice any time- day or night.
  • When a friend…any friend…calls just to ask how you are doing-with no expectation of telling you how they are doing.


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