The fall out from Charlie Brown’s Christmas Special

So I have this friend. We’ll call him David. “David”…was astonished to discover that I had never seen Charlie Brown’s Christmas Special. You see, “David” doesn’t know me very well yet. Had he known that I had never seen Star Wars either, he may have passed out all together. But I digress. Anyway, I promised “David” that I would make a point to watch CBCS this year.

So He asked me what I thought of it. In the pursuit of honesty, I launched into a bit of a diatribe about the psychological chaos of this show. Lucy is entirely too controlling. Sally and Linus are text-book co-dependent. Schroeder was a narcissist. And I have to be honest. It made me mad how everyone was so mean to Charlie Brown. And he never stood up to them. He just wallowed in self-pity. In fact, the only character I liked was Pigpen. He was the only one in the bunch with any authenticity.

Maybe I should have kept these thoughts to myself. I haven’t heard from David since…wait….”David.”


3 Responses to The fall out from Charlie Brown’s Christmas Special

  1. Jared says:

    really charlie brown is a Christ figure for how he continuely turns the other cheek.
    and no one likes lucy. except for those who are just like her in real life…

  2. Cheryl says:

    maybe i am putting Jesus in a box, but I can’t imagine him wallowing in self-pity. maybe that is in the yankee Bible…i dunno…

  3. Jared says:

    yeah see, just click my name and scroll to the bottom. click on my blog and your set! you’ll have to click on the archives to read from the beginning (assuming you want to) since i’ve been posting since november.

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