Girls will get this

I have reached a level of self-confidence that makes me feel like Oprah should want to interview me. Gone are the days of consuming self-consciousness. That’s right. I go the gym. And sweat. Around cute boys. It doesn’t phase me like it use to when I was in college.

But last night, my self-assuredness peaked once more. I had been on the tread mill for about 35 minutes when this guy I use to know got on the one next to me. It’s one thing to not care what strangers think. It’s a whole different story to be self-assured when you’re suddenly face to face with someone you haven’t seen in a long time-especially when it’s one of those “I’d totally go out with him” kinda guys. But there I was, steady and secure, feeling absolutely no need to fiddle with my hair.

I am so well adjusted.

Then again, in order to continue our conversation, I ended up doing 90 MINUTES OF CARDIO. I’m not sure how well-adjusted that is.


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