Men have it so easy.

Do men ever sit and wonder things like “I could go to law school, but if I do, what happens when I have kids? Do I spend all that money and time in school to be a stay-at-home mom? Do I want to be a SHM? I mean, maybe I want to work part-time, so I can be with the kids when they get out of school. And if I do work, what kind of job would allow me the freedom to be with the kids. They are the priority. Wait, I don’t have kids. I’m not even married. But what if I make a decisions now that limit my options later. What if all this is a waste? I guess all decisions, by nature, limit other options. What if I never get married and have kids? I could be wasting all this time not pursueing things that would limit my child-rearing options for no reason. Should I home-school one day?”

Nope. Ya’ll just find a job you love and get paid to do it and then marry some girl who is chasing her tail trying to figure all this out.


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