Two Schools of Thought

I grew up poor. We were happy, but we were poor. There were definitely times when mom and dad weren’t sure how the bills were going to get paid. But when they were due, they got paid. I grew up seeing how my parents trusted God to meet our needs when they arose. When you have three kids, one on the way, and you are in law school, married to a stay-at-home mom, needs arose. Dad always said, “If the bills not due today, don’t worry about it. God will provide the money when it’s needed.” My faith grew as I saw God provide in the 11th hour. Growing up that way enabled me to trust God through the “homeless months.”

Apparently, there is another way to look at things. I am taking a Financial Peace class. And there are these things called “savings accounts.” David Ramsey said the first thing I should do is start a savings account. (with what? I ask). When you plan for the unexpected, you are ready and there is peace. Investments, debt reduction, home owning….and it goes on and on.

There is tons of Biblical president for saving and spending wisely. I know this. But I never want to say, “I’ll be ok because I have savings.” I love trusting God when I don’t know where the money is going to come from. I use the word “love” loosely.

How do I marry these two philosophies. And speaking of marriage, I would be perfectly content marrying someone who was really good at money and just let him tell me how much to spend on what.

But that’s just lazy.


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