Oh, CJ

My friend Craig is a great guy. He is known for his kindness, fun-loving personality and his generosity. He is smart, a great lawyer and has impeccable manners. Oh, I could go on. But Craig is not exactly known for his long term relationships. Bless his heart.

You can imagine how happy we were when he got a dog. We knew this would be a good baby step for him to learn commitment and working his schedule around “someone” else. It was touch and go there for a while. He almost gave Henry away, but we encouraged him to stick it out.

This past Sunday, I asked Craig how things were going with Henry. Here is the transcript of that conversation.

CW: Craig, how are things going with Henry? Better?

CJ: Oh, yeah. Things are much better. I got him a bark collar and that helped. I am taking him out on the boat today.

CW: Are you glad you stuck it out?

CJ: Definitely. He’s a good dog.

CW: (winking) There’s a lesson to be learned here, Craig.

CJ: I know. Next time I date someone, I should get her a bark collar.

CW: Breathless laughter.

CJ: Maybe that’s not the point.


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