Oh, She’ll learn

I got to see my niece and nephew this weekend. I know I gush about them. I won’t apologize, either. Heaven knows I hear about my friends little ones. And I don’t mind. Really. Tell me all about them. ‘Cause you know you’re gonna hear stories.

I was talking to Dad about how everything my niece does is cute. Even when she is being willful, she is cute.

“Cheryl, she’s cute because she hasn’t learned to mask her willfulness. One day she will learn that if she really wants to get her way, she will have to cloak her sinful nature in manipulation”

he makes a good point. There will come a day when she won’t pitch fits. She will learn to master the art of passive aggression. She will join the ranks of women who, throughout time, have learned to get their way by batting eye lashes, crying to get out of tickets, and flirting with their Southern accents to get free stuff.

The world won’t see her coming.


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