Once and for All

April 25, 2005

This is not meant to sound defensive. I have been accused of that before. This is simply to answer the raised eye brows and friendly jabbing I have endured.

Yes. I like men in uniform. Not UPS uniforms. Military Uniforms. Officers to be more precise. (A girl has to have standards.)

But let’s clear a few things up. The uniform, while it does make a man look good, doesn’t make the man. I have known many officers to whom I wouldn’t give the time of day. A man having bars on his shoulder is NOT a free pass onto Cheryl’s Top Ten List.

Seriously, though. It’s what the uniform stands for that compels me. And what it stands for goes so deep into my soul, this is probably not the place to expose it.

In John Eldridge’s The Sacred Romance, he said that every passion, hurt, joy and hope points to Christ. That uniform speaks of a warrior who lives to protect and defend. He is willing to die for something bigger than himself. The ideals of our military are the heart of Christ. No, not the bombing and overwhelming show of force. But great soldiers are defined by dedication, brotherhood, leading and submitting, intensity, precision and perfection. They are defined by sacrifice.

It is the deaths of so many that have given us freedom. This reflects the Reality that sustains my very existence.

When many people think of Jesus, they picture the Swedish version. Envisioned is the sandy-haired, blue eyed, little more than a melancholy face sitting over the wall sconce in their grandmother’s house. When I think of Jesus, I think of Him riding on His horse with His sword drawn ready to steal His bride back from the evil clutches of His enemy. Jesus is so “ooh rah.”

Women want a warrior. This can come in the form of a husband who is an accountant but who fiercely protects his wife by not indulging in pornography. Or it is seen in the simple gesture of a gentleman who walks on the outside of the sidewalk. This strength is captured in a man who isn’t afraid to engage his lady’s heart. I love to see guys with guys. I can imagine that the camaraderie between the disciples and Jesus wasn’t much different, albeit the conversation was not about fantasy football. There are just too many examples to mention. But the construct of a soldier, idealistically, encompasses them all.

I see Jesus reflected in the men around me everyday. I see it in lawyers that speak for those who can not (and probably should not) speak for themselves. I see it in doctors that heal with skill and compassion. I know artists who reflect God’s creativity and love for beauty and order. Police officers display God’s passion for justice. I see teachers bestowing wisdom on their students. This list could be endless because His character is endless.

So, the next time and Marine walks in the room with his dress blues on, hassle me if you will. But know that what I see is more than a chiseled jaw line. I see My Warrior. And yes, that will make me giddy.


Graceful as Always

April 25, 2005

I met George Steinbrenner. Then I spilled his coke on him. *heavy sigh* He was gracious though. I repaid his graciousness by getting a picture with him. And unbenounced to him, I held a “Go Orioles!” sign over his shoulder. I just can’t be trusted.

Due to the lack of an entourage and the presents of a slight southern accent, it was probably just a look-alike brought in for promotions. After all, he signed “the boss” on my ticket stub instead of his name. I mean, who does he think he is, Bruce Springstein? But I am content showing the picture we got together and believing it was really him. That makes for a much better story.

Lesson Learned

April 4, 2005

It amazes me what God uses to bring healing and maturity. Yeah, I never saw this coming, but I’m glad it did.

How the Conversation Went in My Head

April 4, 2005

I’m sorry. What did you say? You want me to come to your WHAT? I’m sorry, I must be a little behind. You see, we haven’t really talked in 7 months, so I’m not exactly up to date on your life. You may need to back up and start at the beginning.

This is not how I envisioned this happening at all. I always assumed I would be there to cheer for you along the way. I have no idea how you met, what she’s like, how you asked her. So please don’t have the expectation that I’m suppose to know how to react to this.

Oh, I’m happy for you. You’ve never wanted anything more than marriage. I know you’ll be good at it. Well, you will be faithful to her. She will never wonder if you love her.

I have always wanted good…excellent things for you. But seeing as how you and I have skipped a few steps, you’re just gonna have to give me some time to let this process.

But you know me. I am always trying to synthesize conflicting emotions that are equally as strong. I guess I’m not past it all. Yeah, I thought I was too.

I’ll have to call you back.