O, Dear

June 17, 2005

SC cops are no longer going to be allowing the 10 mile/hour cusion on the interstate as they have in the past. I tried to relate this to my sister.

C: Be sure to slow down on the roads. Cops aren’t giving the usual 10 like they use to.
S: How much room are they giving us?
C: Hmmm. Yeah, you’re missing the point.



June 12, 2005

Demoralization occurs when the enemy discovers what we most fear to be true about ourselves and then sets out to confirm it.

What is yours?

Make it Stop

June 10, 2005

Whoever is responsible for the phenomenon of putting celeb names together while they are dating (Bennifer, Brangelina, etc) should be fined or somehow held responsible for their actions.

There’s just no accountability in America anymore.

New Revelations on Sin

June 10, 2005

Last night at our young adult class, Scott spoke about the power of Christ’s Blood to cover the stains of our sin. Now, I have grown up in the Church. My first memory is asking Jesus into my heart at the ripe old age of 3, September 10, 1981 to be exact. Thanks, Mom, for writing that down. I have sung many a hymn about there being a Fountain filled with Blood, and knowing what could wash away my sins being nothing but the blood of Jesus.

What I love about the Bible, and Christiandom in general, is how it is always surprising you with new levels of revelation. You can hear a verse over and over, and then one day, something new jumps out that you never noticed before. When God inspired the Word, He chose to do it in a language that is steeped in word pictures. I’m so glad He did.

Stains. That was the word that caught my attention last night. Not crumbs that can be brushed off, but a mark that is part of the fabric. It can no longer be separated. It is a terminal condition to the cloth.

Our sin is not something we do. It is part of our condition. Jesus’ blood covers it eternally, but we are bound by the constraits of time. And the refining process is arduous and lifelong. Thankfully, we have His promise that His work will be accomplished in us. He is ever working to remove the stains that mark our lives. I can do NOTHING to remove those stains.

It is so hard to be patient, knowing that God will refine what He wants, when He wants, using whatever method He wants.

Until then: Lord, make me ever aware of Your Spirit convicting me, bringing me to repentance, and changing me. Thank you that it is all washed in your blood.


June 10, 2005

“Orange is the most presumptuous color.”


June 1, 2005

Could someone please main-line caffeine into my system.

My boss, as wonderful as she is, thinks my stove has 4 front burners…and apparently, no back burners. As of now, the four projects I am working on are “of utmost urgency.” Oh, where to start.

Can I get a witness?