July 28, 2005

I think I’m done with blogging.


Pointless blog

July 13, 2005

Do you ever notice that when celebs go to the hospital it is always because they are “complaining of flu-like symptoms.”

Doctors out there, feel free to correct me, but who goes to the hospital for the flu? Take some medicine. Eat some soup. Call your mom, not your publisist.

Quote of the Week

July 1, 2005

“Why doesn’t Dodge just go ahead and make a truck and call it the Dodge Compensator.”
-Danny Beech

Don’t You Wanna Come?

July 1, 2005

Sometimes I like to get in my car and just drive. I let the day take me where it wills. I flip a coin to decide whether to head north or south, left or right. I meet interesting people and see amazing things. I especially love this experience if I take a few friends along. Below are quotes from my most recent excursion.


“We are SO drunck.” (Two notes: We weren’t and I meant to spell it wrong. It’s was part of the humor.)

“Why not? The coffin is half nailed anyway.” (in response to “would you like ranch dressing on those bacon-cheese fries?”)

“That’s a fairly heavily barbed wire fence.”

“We wouldn’t have gotten caught except that I ripped my pants.” (Ironically, this quote has nothing to do with the previous)

“She’s a Yankee lesbian.”

“Excuse me. Ah, yeah. Could we get some ice cream and a TuPac Cd.”

It’s not a tumor

July 1, 2005

So, I had a breast biopsy. It was a crazy 6 weeks of doctors and tests and surgery. I think I should have some hear-felt revelation from the whole thing, but I’m just too tired. But I will relay a funny conversation from the ordeal.

After having the “mass” surgically removed, a concerned friend asked, “Does it feel like part of you is missing?” To which I responded, “Heck no! That would be like sneezing and missing the booger.”

I kill me. Better me than cancer, I say!