Don’t You Wanna Come?

Sometimes I like to get in my car and just drive. I let the day take me where it wills. I flip a coin to decide whether to head north or south, left or right. I meet interesting people and see amazing things. I especially love this experience if I take a few friends along. Below are quotes from my most recent excursion.


“We are SO drunck.” (Two notes: We weren’t and I meant to spell it wrong. It’s was part of the humor.)

“Why not? The coffin is half nailed anyway.” (in response to “would you like ranch dressing on those bacon-cheese fries?”)

“That’s a fairly heavily barbed wire fence.”

“We wouldn’t have gotten caught except that I ripped my pants.” (Ironically, this quote has nothing to do with the previous)

“She’s a Yankee lesbian.”

“Excuse me. Ah, yeah. Could we get some ice cream and a TuPac Cd.”


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