A view of Putney Bridge from Memory Lane

You have been on my mind so much lately. I can’t believe it has been eight years since we stood together on that bridge as if we would never have to leave. Ok, that was pretty melodramatic. The truth is that it was cold and we had places to go. We knew we would not be able to stay there long. But for a few moments, it was our bridge.

I know no one else who is more my opposite than you. Do we see ANYTHING with the same eyes? My deepest passions escape your embrace. You don’t understand the things that drive me. And what’s more, you are perfectly content not knowing the ends or beginnings of that mystery. Your life unfolds without planning or striving. Sometimes it seems as if life just happens to you. But somehow, our spirits settle into a comfortable place where our friendship, across miles and time and language, is bridged.

Here we are eight years later. Eight years older. Eight years wiser. Sentimental me is still hoping that one day we can meet on that bridge again. Until then, J.A.D.


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