Earthly Greencard

Being in the work that I am in, I am daily aware of the political battles facing our nation that impact the Christian faith. Should the “Big Ten” be displayed in public? Should “Under God” be taken off of our money and out of our pledge? Should we pray before sporting events in public arenas? It is not hard to make the case that our culture is attacking our freedom to express our faith in the One Most High.

And Christians fight hard for these freedoms. Don’t get me wrong. I respect the fact that there are people who want to preserve the Christian heritage our this nation. But we must first realize that we are citizens of heaven, and not of this world. This is not a blog about the “fringe” people who make Christians look looney. I don’t think Christians should abandon the political arena. It is full of people who are deserpate to see the Light of Jesus in their lives. Politcs is a mission field in and of itself.

I am reading Daniel. And can I say that I want to marry Daniel. Today, I was taken back to the old sunday school flannel graph as I revisited Daniel’s encounter in the lion’s den. What put him there? Political leaders, who were jealous of his influence and hated his integrity, looked to destroy him. They knew that the only way to get him to fall was to outlaw his faith. And that they did.

Put this scene into modern day America. Rallies would be held, aritcles would be written, and talking heads would explode on Fox news. But Daniel didn’t fight the law. He just continued to be faithful to his God. He trusted that Jehovah would be faithful to him. And what resulted was God being seen in His glory as He protected His servant. What if Daniel had held protests and passed around petitions to be sent to King Darius? If Daniel had been more interested in creating a catchy camel sticker than just faithfully worshipping, this small piece of eternity’s story would have been lost.

There is plenty of evidence in the Word that there is a time to fight. The Lord is a Warrior. He is mighty in battle. His glory is seen in the fight, when it is Him doing the fighting. But I am not upset that this nation is slowly erroding our freedoms to worship. It mearly gives new opportunities to see His faithfulness, His power and His glory as we serve as His subjects.


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