Thoughts from a Restless Heart

Ever notice how we want the people we love to make the best choices in life? There is definately something to be said for wanting the best for people, but I really think there are some deeply rooted beliefs that if she/he makes wise decisions, then her/his lives will be ok. We want our sisters to marry the right guys, our friends to take the right jobs and our government to fight the right wars. Somehow I think we get fettered into the thinking that 1+1=2. I believe that if the people I love make the choices exalted by conventional wisdom, then they will hurt less, and by extension, I will hurt less. I can not separate my selfish heart from the most basic desires for my people to choose right.

And here’s the thing. God is sovereign over our choices, good and bad. If my sister marries the wrong guy, God still fulfills her needs. If my friend takes a job just to make money, God still makes him dependant. If the whole world shoots itself dead, Jesus is still on the throne. In the mean time, we spend an awful lot of time trying to convince our people that only certain ideal choices will lead to the ideal life. But what if that bad choice she/he is about the make is what will put she/he in exactly the place God wants she/he?

You would think this line of thinking would free me to know that no matter what, God loves she/he and will bring about Christ-like character in she/he’s life. But I am still here tapping my foot with a restless heart.

BTW-I like my sister’s boyfriend. It was just an example.


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