In Vino Veritas

I’ve lost 10% of my body weight. I know. Yeah for me. In addition to having no clothes that fit, and no money to rectify that, I have discovered another by-product of weight loss.

Last night, as I watched the Duke Blue Devils go down, I imbibied 2 beers. 2. two. dos. deux. Apparently when you lose weight, you also lose your ability to hold your alcohol. And I am one of those people who takes liberties when buzzed that they would not normally take. Mild liberties. Not Anna Nicole liberties. Nevertheless, liberties.

My little sister and I have commited to reading James 3 together three times a week with the desire that His Word will refine our speech into something honoring to Him. Saturating myself with James 3 does little good if I am also, albeit unintended, saturated with Yuengling. So folks, you heard it here first. Cheryl is giving up beer. Game over. Roll Credits.

As Bo would say, “Jumanji.”


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