When I stand on the shore of my beautiful city and watch the waves roll in, my mind is swept away by the complexity of the Creator. He splashes the landscape with colour and texture that reflect His Brilliance. He loves to leave us speechless with the things He has made for our pleasure.

I think that there were things He made and thought, “This is a very functional creature.” I am convinced this was His thought as He created the earthworm. And then I see things and think that He was just having fun. There seems to nothing functional about the Leafy Sea Dragon. He was just showing off.

The tide of images floods my mind as I think of the wonder I have seen in His handiwork. But what hushes my thoughts and fills my heart with hallelujahs is the thought of the things He made that are unmet my human eyes. Deep in the ocean’s depth and at the farthest reaches of His universe are wonders that He made entirely for His pleasure alone.

And He is taken with me? I stand amazed.


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