Labor Pains

My sister is full term. Full term and miserable. It’s not just the physical pain that comes with BH contractions, a baby constantly kicking your bladder and general discomfort doing daily activities, such as sitting and walking. Her spirit is tired. Three weeks ago, she lost her cervical plug. Most women go into labor within a few days of that. Every day, she has more signs of being near the end, but everytime she goes to the doctor, he tells her “No change. She’s stayin’ put right now.” And the discouragement continues.

She told me this morning, after another such appointment with the doctor, that she is emotionally drained from the roller coaster she’s been on. Her excitement wanes when she realizes that the “changes” she is feeling don’t seem to progress her towards labor.

“The doctors tell me that these changes really don’t mean anything. They are steps in the right direction, but they just don’t seem to get me anywhere. It’s like I get excited seeing all of these signs, and I feel like something big is about to happen. But nothing does.” *heavy exhale*

I know exactly how she feels. Unfortunately, the women in my family are known for their fierce loyalty, not their patience

“Sometimes I see a light ahead. Hope is not enough.”


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