My sister and I were talking the way sisters talk – about life, marriage, babies, et al. She breezed over a comment that gave me a moment of pause. You Calvinist out there will appreciate this.

“The baby inside of me was known by God since before the foundations of the earth. There was only one DNA combination that would make her the way she is. So, since the foundations of the earth, Matt and I were meant to be together.”

I don’t have a neat way to end this blog, only to say that when she said that, and continued on to speak about whatever her primary point was, I stopped her and had her repeat it. The implications of that comment are numerous, and more than worth an afternoon of pondering in the park.

How can I get out of the office….

PS. She also said that at times she has struggled with feeling trapped in marriage. That was the case until Jesus told her that she was FREED into marriage. She said that in marriage, you no longer have to play the cat and mouse game. You are free to be who you are and be loved unconditionally. Apparently, pregnancy makes you intraspective and wise.


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