“For God love the world so much that He sent His only Son, that anyone who believes in Him will not die but live forever.”

My family is my idol. It is the one thing in my life that I beg God to protect above all else. “He who fears nothing, loves nothing.” If you want to know what it is that your heart truly loves, think about what you fear losing. The ONLY thing I fear is losing someone in my family. And it goes beyond just the idea of losing someone in my family. If you want to see me cry on command or see me get “angry Irish”, talk about someone hurting my family.

So it was with great sobriety that my sister and I talked about John 3:16. Verses like this take on all new meaning when you love a child. “God SENT His Son.” He actively gave His child to be humiliated, beaten and brutally murdered for the sake of wretched humanity. My sister said that she was thinking about this verse and she felt the Spirit ask her “For whom would you sacrifice Emily to save their soul?” The answer came without hesitation. “Not a soul. Certainly not Alfred Kinsey, Hitler or Osama Bin-Laden.” But that is exactly what the Father did.

The Bible is very clear that those who don’t know Jesus are enemies of God. Not just lost souls…enemies (Romans 5:10). He did not send Jesus to save the people who would become the Mother Teresas and Billy Grahams of this world. They became those people because at one point, they were God’s adversaries. Jesus’ sacrifice made them adopted sons of the Father. The Bible calls believers, males and females, “sons”. It was the son who carried the name of the father and was entitled to all the rights and inheiritance. He purposed to turn over His Son for people who were in direct opposition to His holiness.

How Great is the love of the Father.


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