John, Steven, David…an explaination

Ok, how is it that nobody has ever heard of a “Dear John” letter? It is the general term for when a girl hands her man his marching orders…his pink slip…his Dear John letter.

This is where I think the term comes from. During the early 19th century, “Johnny” refered to the American soldier. (i.e. in The White Cliffs of Dover “and Johnny will go to sleep in his own little bed.”) When a girl wanted to break up with her man while he was off fighting the Nazis, she would write him a letter. Hence – a Dear John letter.

I may be totally wrong about the origion of this term. Either way, the previous post was not addressed to anyone named John.

On a side note…how does a girl from Clemson break up with her boyfriend? She writes him a John Deer letter. HA! Get it? John Deer? Clemson grads are farmers. So funny!

(let the Clemson grad comments begin….)


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