Dinner Conversation

July 31, 2006

Grandma: My mother birthed 12 children. She raised 10 of them. Two died.

Dad: (under his breath) Then electricity was discovered and the birth rate plummeted.



July 29, 2006

My Dearest Cheryl,

I would rather you mis-step in faith than stand still in fear.

All my love,

Jehovah Jireh

July 21, 2006

I have a list of things I have been asking God to provide. A monitor for the computer someone gave me. Katie gave me a flat screen this week. I needed a digital camera so that I can actually make a profit when I shoot weddings. I got one for hundreds less than I anticipated. God provided the money. I counldn’t afford the memory card for the camera. My mom put money in my account. I got the memory card for about a third of what I was expecting to pay, and mom said I could use the rest of the money however I chose. I have been in deperate need for time alone. God put the mountains on my heart. My sister’s friends are giving me their mountain cabin for three days next week. I really fee like I could ask Jesus for anything right now, and He would provide it.

I just needed to brag on Him. I can’t wait to see how He provides for London and grad school.

*Blank Stare* *Deep Exhale*

July 20, 2006

I need a vacation. Strike that. I need a retreat. The need for a vacation can be satisfied by a few days on the beach and a pedicure. That is hardly enough.

I need to retreat away from anyone that I know, from distractions, from phones and email and blogs. I need a few days to be alone with Jesus. I need to drive down a street I have never seen before. I need to hike in the mountaints. I need to go to sleep to the sound of rain pattering against the Rhododendron. I need to lose myself in a deep sunset. I need to be quiet before Him. I need to pour out my heart until it is empty and then I need to let Him fill it with new vision.

I need to be alone with my God who desires to be alone with me even though I put other things before him on a daily basis. He is so sweet to me.

Yes. I need a retreat.

Quote of the Week

July 20, 2006

“Bill Gates is financing theTribulation.”


July 19, 2006

I have been diatribing for a while now about how action movies always have as their leads “former Marine Recon” or “former Delta Force” or “former Navy SEAL.” The Coast Guard gets no play. And it’s wrong. These cats are boarding drug ships every day and flying through horrific conditions to rescue people. Coasties are hardcore. But alas, Hollywood has ignored their contribution to the Hall of Heroes. Until Now. Apparently, one of my rants was overheard by a Hollywood type.


Occupational Paradox

July 18, 2006

Today, I spelled “section” S-E-X-T-I-O-N. That’s right. I wasn’t kidding. I actually wrote “sextion.” My resume will be posted by Friday.

On another note, a co-worker of mine, we’ll call her Tammy, and I were talking about the marriage presentation she is working on for training. We were talking about compromise. The conclusions we came to: Marriage is NOT about compromise. Compromise is about each person giving 50 /50%. Marriage is a 100/100% arrangement. If a marriage counselor tells you marriage is all about 50/50, get your money back and run like heck, screaming in the opposite direction.

Sextion…. good heavens.