*Blank Stare* *Deep Exhale*

I need a vacation. Strike that. I need a retreat. The need for a vacation can be satisfied by a few days on the beach and a pedicure. That is hardly enough.

I need to retreat away from anyone that I know, from distractions, from phones and email and blogs. I need a few days to be alone with Jesus. I need to drive down a street I have never seen before. I need to hike in the mountaints. I need to go to sleep to the sound of rain pattering against the Rhododendron. I need to lose myself in a deep sunset. I need to be quiet before Him. I need to pour out my heart until it is empty and then I need to let Him fill it with new vision.

I need to be alone with my God who desires to be alone with me even though I put other things before him on a daily basis. He is so sweet to me.

Yes. I need a retreat.


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