Jehovah Jireh

I have a list of things I have been asking God to provide. A monitor for the computer someone gave me. Katie gave me a flat screen this week. I needed a digital camera so that I can actually make a profit when I shoot weddings. I got one for hundreds less than I anticipated. God provided the money. I counldn’t afford the memory card for the camera. My mom put money in my account. I got the memory card for about a third of what I was expecting to pay, and mom said I could use the rest of the money however I chose. I have been in deperate need for time alone. God put the mountains on my heart. My sister’s friends are giving me their mountain cabin for three days next week. I really fee like I could ask Jesus for anything right now, and He would provide it.

I just needed to brag on Him. I can’t wait to see how He provides for London and grad school.


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