Hollywood Hypocrasy

The recent “scandal” with Hollywood power-house cutie Mel Gibson got me thinking about the hypocrasy of the entertainement industry. Mel, in a drunken state displays anti-semetic rant and makes sexist comments to a female officer. He then continues to act like a total ass. And the world asks, “Can Hollywood forgive Mel?”

Don’t get me wrong. Hating ANYONE for ANY reason is evil – from hell and smells like smoke. But Hollywood has a bitter, putred hatred for Christianity, conservatives and anyone with “traditional” values. Granted, it is smart enough to mask its hatred in condescention, not a drunken episode. But seriously. Where does Hollywood get off judging anyone who shows a district distaste for a certain people group?!

And don’t even get me started on how they strut around with their red HIV/AIDS ribbons as they accept awards for movies LACED with the propogation of the very behaviors that spread the disease.


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