So I was talking with Ash about the new movie coming out tonight, “Snakes on a Plane.” It may be the dumbest name for a movie in the history of movies – make that the history of names. After all, names have been around longer than movies, but I digress.

Anyway, acting on the principle that Top Gun quotes are always appripriate, I said the movie should be called, “Hey, Viper’s up here!”

Then we started offering names for the sequal.

“Badgers on a hover-craft” (Danny B’s suggestion…)
“A Bear on a Kayak” – This would be a short film…
“Parakeets on a sailboat” – to which Ash retorted, “Parakeets aren’t deadly.” “These will be,” I corrected.
And my personal favorite….

“Squirrels on a jet-ski”

Well, at least we can’t complain that “Hollywood keeps recycling the same stories…”

On a side note, I learned how to put pictures on my blog….3 years later….


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