Dinner with A Reverened, A Graphic Designer, a Counselor and A…well, whatever I am…

We were sitting down for dinner when, in unison, we all became aware of the music. It was quiet worship music playing in the background. Worship music is great and all, but not what I would consider music for an intimate dinner party between friends.

Cheryl: Nice music, Jodi. What is this again? Ray Bolt’s greatest hits? I am getting you some good dinner party music.

Steven: (sarcastically, as he leaves the room…) What? This is good dinner party music.

Cheryl: Yeah, if this was The Last Supper.

Danny: That wasn’t so much a “party.”

Cheryl: I’m sure it was to a point…oh, but then…yeah, it probably got pretty serisous…dang it…

And later that night….

Jodi: Yeah, we went roller skating, and they had a couples dance. There were these two kids that were totally grinding to the song. I told them they needed to stop. The mom was standing right there!

Steven: Yeah, they have probably had more sex than all of us put together.

Crickets….Cheryl bursts into laughter while Danny and Jodi just sit motionless…

Steven: Well, assuming that zero times zero still equals zero…


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