Work Madness (the funny kind…)

While riding to lunch with Wynn and Tammy, Def Leopard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me.”

Tammy: Pour some super ramen…

Cheryl: This is still one of the greatest songs ever.

Wynn: Yeh. I love songs about sugar.

The night before, Tammy left her phone in Wynn’s car after they went to on a short trip to Manning for a parent meeting. He left it at his house, so after lunch, he and I drove by his house to get it. Upon entering the office…

Bo: Where jew guys go for lunch?

Cheryl: Panera. It stunk.

Bo: Why?

Cheryl: You weren’t there. (wink. smile)

Bo: Just Panera, huh? (looking at his watch) Where jew two go after that?

Cheryl: Wynn and I went back to his place.

Bo raises an eyebrow.

Cheryl: No, We had to go pick up Tammy’s phone at his house. She left it there last night.

Bo raises the other eyebrow

Wynn enters from the other room having heard the previous discourse.

Cheryl: Um, I’m gonna go read policies and procedures now….

(This story looses something for those who don’t know what my job is….)


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