You ever noticed how there are various stages of hungry? There’s the munchies. There’s the “Yeah, I could eat” stage. And my favorite – the hungry you get right before Thanksgiving dinner. There is something about craving food you know you’re actually about to enjoy. Oh, the anticipation.

Then there’s is the type of hunger where you think you may actually die if you don’t eat soon. You get a head ache and your blood sugar drops so you get irritable. You can think of nothing else but the type of food you would like to consume, or inhale as it may be. But if you wade through this hunger long enough, you get to the point where, despite the presence of a perpetually dull ache, you lose all desire to eat. It would almost hurt more to bother your latent digestive system with food. After all, it has been so long it may have forgotten what to do with it.

There’s a thin line between surrender and resignation.


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