Can of Worms

Position 1
The Bible says to be fruitful and multiply and to fill the earth. Children are a blessing from the Lord. It is rebellion for people to limit the number of children they have because they don’t want the time, money or stressful inconveniences that come with lots of kids. WE don’t have children. God uses us to bring HIS children into the world. He gives them to us as a gift when and how and how many HE chooses. Like all life choices, having kids should come from a “Your will be done” mentality. Birth Control is the practical application of a heart that doesn’t trust the sovereignty and provision of a Holy God.

Position 2
God gives us resources and commands us to be good stewards of what He has given us. In many cases, in His sovereignty, He has limited those resources. It is irresponsible to have children that you can not take care of. We have freedom in Christ to make decisions about our lives. Maybe some people are too selfish to have lots of children. But these people love Jesus, and He has grace for them in the midst of their flaws. It doesn’t mean that they don’t seek God. Some people just don’t like children, therefore they have no desire to have any. His love for them does not rest of the specific life choices they make.



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