Shawn Says…

In response to thoughts on how to pursue a woman…

Shawn Maze said…
I think the proper terminology would be searching or looking. That is how you “find” something (Proverbs 31:10, Proverbs 18:22). I think this better communicates the intent and perspective men who are desiring godly women should have. A woman wants to be “pursued” as it relates to being desired and a man taking the initiative. But once she is “caught”, she does not want to be regarded like a “trophy” which is put on the shelf and admired from time to time as a reminder of his great qualities or merit.Instead, she can still be desired and sought after by a man who is taking the initiative. But if a man is “searching” and “finds” a wife, then she is regarded like a “treasure” and a reminder of God’s goodness and favor toward the man. It is her great qualities that are celebrated and regarded as worthy of reflection.In regards to what prompted this discussion, I would suggest not worrying about a woman’s reasoning. If you don’t agree or can’t understand her choices, then take that as confirmation that she was not a good find for you. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter and she is not obligated to provide justification for her decision. If someone is going to be at risk and get hurt it needs to be the man. Men are to be vulnerable, women are to be protected. If you are known for having this mindset, you can ask a lot of ladies out in search of the hidden treasure God has for you without being blacklisted (Phil. 2:4). Seek to cultivate the reputation of a sincere man in search of a wife and who can accept a “no” graciously and move on. You may actually find a woman who decided to make sure she was in your path as a result of your reputation. Just my 2 ¢


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