Why I’d Marry McFly

Amy and I were talking last night the way girls do. Well, maybe not exactly the way girls do. She was eating dinner, and I was sitting at the end of the table with a pillow stuffed in my sweater. It’s something I do every now and then when I am feeling like the perfect evening would consist of me sitting on the couch, 5 months pregnant, stroking the love of my life’s hair and listening to him tell me about his day as he rests his head on my shrinking lap. Ladies, can I get a witness?

Anyway, Amy has gotten use to having normal, and at times, deeply meaningful, conversations while ignoring my day-dreaming heart and subsequent pillow stuffed sweater.

Last night’s conversation varied from the lyric writing of U2 to my current situation, to jobs, christmas presents, work burnout – the works. But as it eventually does, our conversation turned to men. Amy and I have pretty different taste in men, but one thing we do agree on. And so I hereby present my thesis for this post.

Nerds make the best husbands.

It is my theory that because the brainier of our species have suffered ridicule, they tend to have either very tender hearts that empathize with others, or they are bitter. The bitter ones are easy to spot, and therefore easy to avoid. But the ones who have muddled through social akwardness to find themselves have the most unique outlook on life and people. They are anything but cliche, and heaven knows, I hate cliche! They understand the importance of accepting people the way that they are, and also seem to be unusually people-focused. Growing up on the outside of the proverbial inner circle, they seem to intrinsically grasp that they are not the center of the world. And it doesn’t hurt that I have a particular affinity for the smarty-pants of this world. What can I say? I should add Alex Trabek to my list of old, married guys I have a crush on. Smart, tender, others-focused, facinating, non-cliche. All wonderful qualities to appreciate when waiting for the gentleman whose hair I will one day stroke as he tells me about his day.

For Amy’s thoughts on the subject, please go to www.amymarieropp.com (give her time to post. She works…)


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