Girls Night Out: Warning. This post is unapologetically female-y in nature.

The girls and I went out last night to see the movie The Holiday. On a school night. And I have to say, it spoke to me. Ok, not the sleep with someone you just met and fall in love in a week stuff. That is just rediculous, not to mention unhealthy…but I don’t work at HCS anymore so I will move on.

At one point, Ames leaned over and asked if I was in love with Jude Law’s character. No. Ok. To be fair, seeing him with his kids was adorable. Oh, and at the end when he boyishly comes around the corner, eyes puffy from tears, I just wanted to scoop him up and take care of him. But other than that, the womanizer, despite the charm and accent, always leaves me a bit cold. But Jack Black’s Miles was just about perfect. Warm, sincere, HUL-larious.

But by far, the moment I related to the most was a scene where Kate Winslet’s character goes to dinner with her ninety year old gentleman friend, and I do mean gentleman. They are sitting at a table and he says something to her about the difference between the leading lady and the perpetual best friend. I won’t ruin it by trying to replicate the moment. But I do know that there was a deep inhale on my row of sweet girls.

Here’s the thing. Shortly after I got back from London, my heart shut down. It’s been almost impossible to feel anything. I know. You boys much be cocking your head in bewilderment, but I’m a girl who feels everything. Deeply. So it’s like part of me is missing. The truth is, my recent emotionaly latency is probably a gift from Jesus. Since fear is an emotion, and as I have stated, I haven’t felt much lately, it made leaving a career, and the subsequent, seemingly endless unemployment very un-scary, But back to the movie…

Maybe it was the setting of a stone cottage in the English countryside that made my heart ache a little. Not the bad ache. The one that dances closely with desire and hope. The English countryside does that to me. Any countryside does that to me.

Maybe it was the fellowship of girlfriends that made my heart feel a little smooshy. I loved sitting with a group of girls who understood why I sighed when Jude Law said, “I don’t understand the mathematics of this relationship. I just know I love you.” I didn’t have to explain. They just knew. Every girl knows why that’s amazing. The whole group of us laughed at the same time, “uh huh, that’s right” “I know he didn’t” and “ahhhh”ed in unison.

Tonight, for the first time is a long time, something turned on inside. This film was repleat with moments that every girl can cozy up to. I cozied and I felt. Without apologizing.

One more thing: Hey, there double-dollop. I know. So cute, right?!


3 Responses to Girls Night Out: Warning. This post is unapologetically female-y in nature.

  1. amy says:

    zero% testosterone in that movie. zero. zilch.

  2. I read this late last night before going to bed and It made me smile. I’ve attempted to do the heart shutdown lately, but as me and some brothers have discussed (praise the Lord for solid men in my life) it doesn’t allow me to live in the fullness of how God made me. I read of you fealing again, more than you have been as of late and I rejoiced for you.

  3. Katie says:

    testosterone is SO overrated.

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