My Favorite

Have you ever thought about how quiet the world must have been 400 years ago? Before radios. cars. planes. war. Before we were peretually serenaded by the clamour in our world. Imagine it. The whole world sounded like an evening in the country.

I LOVE the sound of Christmas Eve. Dad and I go outside and stand in the driveway and just listen. To nothing. There’s no road noise, no neighborhood parties. A quiet peace embraces the night like a warm a blanket. (whoa, that was dramatic…) This is the way it sounds after a good snow. And being in the south, by “good snow” I mean a quarter of an inch is enought to hush the day.

Not to be all Simon and Garfunkel, but I love…i crave the sound of silence.


4 Responses to My Favorite

  1. Have you ever kayaked? I love to get out into nature’s white noise, the waves lapping at a beach that you have found, a dark still night on the water is so very peacefull. You might enjoy it, and you are welcome to take mine any time, if you are so inclined.

  2. cheryl says:

    so sweet of you to offer, but dark water is a phobia of mine.

  3. Perhaps the most vivid dream I ever had, and it stands out in my memory like a lightning bold at night, is one I had in which I was floating on my back in a little farm pond at night. Everything was black as ink, especially the water and I could feel large creatures swimming beneath. I just knew they were moving down there in this pond that was bottomlessly deep, as deap as my subconcious, as deep as my soul. And I just lay there very still, being sure not to disturb them. It was the most primal thing I have ever fealt or experienced. I am almost certain now that I was aware of my tiny waking consciousness floating on the surface of my mind.

    So yeah, please borrow my boat. 🙂

  4. cheryl says:

    no. really. i don’t like dark water, so kayaking during the night is not going to happen. and i sunburn in about 20 minutes…even with SPF 45, so kayaking during the day is not going to happen. tell ya what. if i am robbed and all of my living room furniture is stolen, i will borrow your kayak to sit in.

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