No time for a clever set up

Body image has nothing to do with the way you see yourself. It has EVERYTHING to do with how you look at God.

It doesn’t matter how skinny or fat you are. It isn’t determined by your BMI score or how cut your chest is. It doesn’t matter how clear your skin is, how shiney and soft your hair is or how straight and white your teeth are.

The bottom line is God. Whose approval are you seeking? Are you submissive to the way He made you, or the circumstances that He determined to form your body? Is God powerful enough to restore the years the locust have taken?

Glamour can right a million articles. Dr. Phil can set up a thousand interventions. Extreme Makeover can redesign every face in America. People will still hate themselves until they can relish their Creator’s sovereign, redemptive work and joy over His handiwork. His. As in posessive.

I’d like to see Oprah talk about that.


One Response to No time for a clever set up

  1. Steven says:

    Do these pants make my butt look big?

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