Photo Assignment

I just saw The Nativity Story. I liked the artistic license they emoployed to compensate for the parts God left out. I probably would have written it a little differently, but I still enjoyed the writer’s creativity. I wonder if the cast of the real Drama saw it from Heaven and laughed, heads shaking in disbelief at our inadequate rendering of their story. One of the things I am most looking forward to when I pass into Glory is having all of the missing pieces filled in. I can’t wait to hear what that 9 months was really like for Mary. I want to know what happened to Joseph. What was it like to be siblings with the Almighty? Did they always put Him in the goal when playing soccer because they knew “Jesus saves.” I kid. Kind of.

There are certain snap shots in the Bible that are great to marinade in. I would love to have seen the look on Jesus’ face when He had been denied by Peter. Peter was outside of the couryard when his eyes met Jesus’. What was THAT look like? Or when the lame walked for the first time or the blind saw. I would love to have been a witness to the prostitutes when they first felt His forgiveness and love. What a moment it is to watch a woman feel beautiful and worthy for the first time. The moment our sun was created. The look on David’s face when King Saul threw a spear at his head…the first time. The instant of recognition in Mary’s eyes when she saw the Risen Lord?

My favorite moment, without hesitation, would be when the curtain separating the Holy of Holies was torn from top to bottom, signifying that we were no longer separated from Yahweh. Mat it. Frame it. Hang it over the fireplace.

If you could snap a photo of any moment in the Word, not a story or a concept, just a moment, which would you choose?


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