Hand me the pen…

Every Christmas, my parents, my siblings and my siblings-in-law get together for a dinner to talk about the blessings of the past year, the challenges and changes expected in the upcoming year, and to just enjoy each other’s company. I have a great family. We can go from the divine to the rediculous in moments. And although the conversations can get intense at times, we laugh more than anything else.

I love that my older sister and I communicate even when we are at opposite sides of the table, or the way my little has the most beautifully flushed cheeks when she drinks a glass of wine. My brother is the funniest person that I know. And even though he shifts endlessly when things get sentimental, I know he hears us. His wife has figured out how to roll her eyes at him while still coveying her complete devotion to him. She’s cool that way. Mom always makes us laugh as she asks to try our wine, knowing she will hate it, and then worries if the single glass consumed will make it unsafe for the drive home. My brother-in-law tenderly strokes my sister’s hair. I love watching him look at her. Dad and I get our two cents in, but mostly, we just sit back and take it all in.

I know. This is all very Norman Rockwell. In the spirit of authenticity, I have included the following exerts from our evening. We call them exerts. I’m sure they will be called “evidence” one day.

Cheryl, Dana and Donna talking about a new birth control method and tampons. (Did I just say tampons on my blog?)
Chris: WHAT are you girls talking about?!
Dana: Tampons.
Chris cringes
Dana: What?! You asked what we were talking about and I told you!
Chris: That doesn’t make it right…

Dana and Donna talking about lip gloss.
Dana: I got the Lip Plumper. I love it.
Chris: (only half listening) I thought you liked it!
Dana: That’s what I just said! I had some and used it all. It makes your lips tingle.
Chris: There are other things that make your lips tingle.
Cheryl: I’m uncomfortable.

I am blessed.


2 Responses to Hand me the pen…

  1. Jared says:

    Now imagine how much more fun it’d be if there were three times as many of yall?

  2. cheryl says:

    it’s true that the line between fun and insanity is a thin one…seriously, i would love to be a fly…butterfly on the wall at a Tomlinson family gathering. it’s been a long time. the last time just kinda felt like a church get together.

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