You can be my wingman any time.

“Cheryl, what kind of guys do you like? What’s your type?” There is a long answer to that questions. But when it comes to great stories, I love the secondary character. The steady, stable, faithful friend who is happy to be in the background, allowing the main character to shine is the one that steals my heart. You can keep the charismatic front man. The Kind Davids, Hamlets and William Wallaces of this world are colourful, but I’d rather have dinner with the Johnathans, Horatios and Hamishes. Maybe that is why the following exsert from Bono in Conversation left me breathless.

“At the end of the eighties, we were campaigning for Martin Luther Kind, Jr. Day. I remember, in Arizona, we got into some trouble, and we had some death threats. Normally, they happen. But occasionally, you get one that the police and the FBI take seriously. There was a specific threat: ‘Don’t go ahead with the concert. And, if you do, don’t sing “Pride (In the Name of Love)”, because if you do, I am gonna blow your head off.’ Of course you go onstage and you put it out of your head. But I do remember actually, in the middle of “Pride”, thinking for a second, ‘Gosh! What if somebody was organized, or in the rafters of the building, or somebody here and there just had handgun?’ I just closed my eyes and I sang this middle verse, with my eyes closed, trying to concentrate and forget about the ugliness and just keep close to the beauty suggested in the song. I looked up, at the end of that verse, and Adam was standing in front of me. It was one of those moments where you know what it means to be in a band.”



4 Responses to You can be my wingman any time.

  1. Sam says:

    ahhh, i can’t wait to swap u2 books with you!!!

  2. Sam says:

    okay, i finished mine last nite. time to switch??

  3. cheryl says:

    almost. i should be done in a day or so.

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