High Tea

This morning, I got a starbucks that I could not afford. What can I say? I have a problem. Anyway, it was too sweet, so I exchanged it for green tea.

Karen: Whoops. I almost grabbed your tea.
Cheryl: Leave the Starbucks where you found it! Walk away slowly and nobody gets hurt!
Karen: I don’t drink the stuff.
Cheryl: You should. It has anti-oxidents. It’s good for you. My brother thinks it tastes like twigs.
Karen: I don’t eat twigs either.

On a side note, my stomach growled this morning, and it made me wonder what actually makes that sound. Anybody? Jared, you can play this time.


4 Responses to High Tea

  1. katie says:

    so i don’t like green tea. i do however like green tea frappuccinos. not that they’re even remotely close considering the fraps are made with a sweetened “green tea” powder that doesn’t really taste anything like green tea. But it’s green so I feel healthier.

    and i find the stomach growling sound painful and also wonder what’s in there making the sounds. i also find that when i’ve hit the stomach growling point & i drink water, i can feel the water hit my stomach – totally grosses me out every time.

  2. PAPA ROBBIE says:

    I’ll have to buy you a starbucks sometime…I shouldn’t enable you.

  3. cheryl says:

    i will take you up on that. i would love to catch up. maybe i should just call you:)

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