Our Conversation…Abridged

Cheryl: I went to see the Cornell University Glee Club sing. They were amazing!
Jared: Were any of them cute?
Cheryl: I was doing long division by the time they were born.
Jared: You were doing long division at 10? You must have been pretty smart.
Cheryl: Well, you know we Southerners like to divide stuff.
Jared: No, I meant I didn’t think you guys actually used math.
Cheryl: Bollocks!
Jared: I thought you guys saved math for high school.
Cheryl: We don’t go to high school We’re too busy raising babies.
Jared: That’s how you learn math. “If my sister has two babies and my cousin has…”
Cheryl: Bastard. True, but Bastard!


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