Bon Voyage

So Bill Clinton once asked the Israeli government if he could be burried in Jesus’ tomb when he died. They told him it could be arranged, but it would cost a million bucks. To this he exclaimed, “A million bucks for three days?!?!”

This man and his wife were in Israel, and on the trip, the woman passed away. The Israelis told him that they could ship his wife back for $3000 or they could bury her in Israel for $300. “Go ahead and send her back to the states.” They asked, “Out of curiosity, why wouldn’t you want to just bury her here for much less money?” He explained, “Well, I heard you guys burried a guy once and he rose three days later. I just can’t take that chance.”

Have a great trip to the Holy Land, Mom and Dad!!!


One Response to Bon Voyage

  1. Mom says:

    Thank You! We certainly will! See you when we return!

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