Da Bomb

Ya know what I think would be great? For someone to make a movie where the bomb squad just knows which wire to cut. No cliche suspenseful moment. Red. Blue. Red. Blue. Red. Green?

“loose cannon” of a rookie vascilates between two wires, fearing the worst. expereinced Sarge, who lives with the regret of killing his partner with his own impulsive mistake enters the room and with impatience and annoyance in his voice,
decisively cuts appropriate wire. and seeing himself in the new recruit, walks away smirking and rolling his eyes.

Oo, what if the bomb squad looked at the device and all of the wires were the same colour!? That would be awesome!

Anyway, I was just thinking about this.


2 Responses to Da Bomb

  1. Sam says:

    you so need to move to england- you just spelled ‘color’ colour

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