See, here’s the problem with AI

Amy and I were chatting last night about the recent “Is AI too mean?” controversy. The judges have broadened their critisicm beyond vocals, and are japing at anything and everything that isn’t status quo. But it doesn’t start and stop with the judges. The producers are purposely showcasing some of the strangest people. In that way, it’s kind of like a teen movie where the popular kids parade the outcasts on stage at the prom, and everyone throws garbage at them. Only in this version, instead of a recently enlightened hero coming to their rescue, and redeeming himself for his previous social crimes, the cast-offs are brought on the morning “news” shows, thus perpetuating their exposure and subsequent public ridicule. Unfortunately these kids are not William Hung. I don’t think that lightening can strike twice.

Yes, I feel hypocritical. Straight out of the gate, I was laughing right along with the rest of the western world. But somehow, it’s just not funny anymore. It’s sad. Now, I just stare blankly in disbelief that these people could be that maladjusted. And we can’t seem to get enough of it.

AI is like a car accident. You just can’t help but rubber neck to get a glimpse of the madness. Surely there is something better I could be doing with my time.


One Response to See, here’s the problem with AI

  1. For the days are evil, I could leave it at that and be guaranteed correct but I’ll give my opinion. I don’t watch the show but I don’t usually watch tv anymore. I did for a while tonight, the history channel, and although it is interesting and actually a bit educational after a while it ends up being addicting. I feel it sucking the life out of me, deadening my spirit. It may be lawful to watch AI or any other such show but is it in any way beneficial? Any eternal significance? And you cant just watch one, its like a season comitment so with those x number of hours you could have read a book that impacted your life for the better instead of a program which at best taught you nothing (perhaps harmed you discretely).

    So watching what most would call normal tv leaves me craving, thats exactly what it was designed to do, lets not be naive. I’m craving sex, products, relationships, status and experiences and all these things are described with idolotrous lies. There is no truth told about what these things are, what place they should hold in my life or how to get them. Pornography is not just a few square inches worth of exposed skin or key body parts. You don’t have to use God’s name to slander it and call Him a liar. It’s right there, you just have to have eyes to see and ears to hear.

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