The Fun of Temping

Ya know how when you start a new job you have that anxious feeling because you don’t know where things are or how people are going to respond to you or how to use certain software? I feel that everyday. I’m never anywhere long enough to get up to speed so that I feel comfortable. Forget comfortable. I just want to feel competent. I mean, how many ways can there be to answer a phone!?

Today, I asked a lady in the office for a password for a certain program. She told me she just didn’t have time to answer all of my questions. One question. I cried. Discretely, but cried none the less.

I promise I’m not an idiot.


3 Responses to The Fun of Temping

  1. I don’t usually cry and when I do it’s because I am overwhelmed by good stuff happening. If I was a girl, however, I suspect I would have cried upon reading this. I know the feeling and it’s rough, something I wouldn’t put a friend through in a million years, it hurts me to hear about your situation. But that’s where me and God are different. I don’t love well enough yet to allow refinement at the cost of pain. He clearly does, and I wonder what He is teaching you through this. Do you know the answer to that yet?

  2. amy says:

    c, you’re one of the sharpest people i know. don’t let the empty heartlessness of corporate america get you down.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    If you worked for me as a temp I would have jumped over the table like a spider monkey and handled some business. You are just as vital to the company as she is. So many things to say.. but a recruiter should have put you in a better job.

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