More on AI

CW: (answering cell phone…) Hey. John. Just so you know, you have 90 seconds. American Idol is on.

JH: Oh. That’s why nobody’s answering their phones.

Seriously, though. When the time comes, Ya’ll need to vote for Chris Sligh. He was the guy with the curly black hair on the Birmingham, AL auditions. He represents G-Vagas! For real, yo. My big bro knows him (and so does Paige’s roommate). Anyway, he says he’s really talented. He does worship at Seacoast Greenville and at my home church, Southside Fellowship, from time to time.

Talented, funny, smart, self-effacing. Love him!!!


6 Responses to More on AI

  1. katie says:

    not a voter.

  2. cheryl says:

    commu… oh, you know.

  3. Jared says:

    When I was interviewing at U of Mississippi they pointed out the soccer field to which I replied “yall play soccer down heya?” (notice my vernacular usage, I speak good backwardese)
    The response I got was “Soccer is for communist.”

    Oh and I’m not sure if it’s the homeschooler or the med student/shutoutoftheworld in me that everytime I see ‘AI’ in your blog my first thought is that it stands for ‘artificial intelligence’

  4. Sam says:

    jared, you’re not alone in that thought..that, and the fact that when i think of AI as artificial intelligence, i think of the bad steven spielburg movie.

    and if y’all don’t stop using ‘communist’ as a personal epithet, i’m gonna sic my russian mobster friends on your popichka’s.

  5. cheryl says:

    its true that “communist” doesn’t have quite the sting that is use to.

    jared, you know i think you are great, but when it comes to you southernese, you may not be as….self-aware as you think. bless your heart.

  6. Steven says:

    Karla knows this Sligh kid. Work on the streets is that he’s a former BoJo.

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