He always left an inordinate amount of crumbs on the floor around his desk.

One of the things I enjoy at my current place of employment is going out to get everyone lunch. It gives me a chance to get a change of scenery. Today, the boss bought everyone lunch, even the lowly temp! So as we all sat around the table to eat, I listened as they recounted days gone by and the old co-workers they knew. They talked about Ron who always kept sticky notes all over his office. If you asked him a question, he would inevitably find the answer stuck to the wall behind him. Then there was Janice who would always keep a hand mirror right on her desk so that she could check her hair every 2 hours. Becky always took matches into the bathroom. I contested that this should be viewed as a blessing not an annoyance. One lady was remembered as always having throat spray in her desk. “You always knew when she was going to call in sick.” (Makes squirting into mouth motion)

Something occurred to me as they were regaling us with embellished tales. Somewhere in a breakroom, there are people telling their office buddies about us. We all have quirky habits that go unnoticed by us, but will one day be remembered by others as a defining characteristic.

(this is where you entertain us with stories of the odd things your co-workers do. feel free to chance names to protect your job.)


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