I can already imagine the comments…

I was talking to a guy last night that I had just met. He didn’t ask me where I am from or what I do for a living. He asked me what I thought about issues that came up in conversation. He was curious about my opinion. “My husband” in England distinguished himself the same way. Now, he may have been asking because he is the kind of guy who has an opinion about everything and was just waiting for an opportunity to debate. But it was still nice to detour around the “Greenville….communications…. syphilis….Go Colts…..”

I was talking to Wynn, and he said that guys don’t ask quetions like that because they don’t want to commit to a conversation. Lame. Maybe girls do this too. No. Girls ask deeper questions. Not that we’re better. Just to be clear….

For what it’s worth.


One Response to I can already imagine the comments…

  1. Do they (girls ask deeper questions)? I know you do but you are outside the norm (in a very good way). I aspire to be that guy, I really wish I were. I tried tonight but things didn’t work. I get the feeling that one needs to be terribly well versed in social, political, cultural….uh… stuff in order for that to work effectively. I love my friends who respond to questions about God but they seem rare. I know God and what I think He’s up to, not as well as I would like but thats what I know. Either I lack alot of skill leading a conversation or people just don’t want to talk about that.

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