Steven said it really well.

He was all….

“Further, the next person who utters the words, “gift of singleness” in my presence is going to get slapped with my open palm right on the side of the face.”

Then he was like…

“The truth is this: I would like to be married. It’s one of those things that I have always regarded as an eventuality, but I believe that when it’s time it will happen, and it will be easy and obvious. In the mean time, I am truly and perfectly content being single.”

Then he said…

“People, once and for all, if my sovereign God has a wife out there for me, he’ll let me know. He’ll do the same for you. In the mean time, if you’re single, put down the self help books and get on with your life. You are making yourself miserable and missing out on opportunities to live! I’ll go so far as to say that you may even be hindering your own chances at finding a quality life partner. And if you are married, for heavens freaking sake listen up! Congratulations. I am sincerely happy for you. And in case no one has mentioned it, you look precious together. Will you please do me the favor of being as happy for me as I am for you?”



3 Responses to Steven said it really well.

  1. Absolute heresy! We must all work harder to earn Gods gifts! (I’m full of it)
    I’m not sure about the “easy and obvious” part, I have a hard time believing that either exist when it comes to matching two sinner together (well they do but is that the norm?). I’ve seen perfectly smooth relationships and I’ve see Godly marriages where one or both partners were about to pull their hair out and give up before God stepped in and sealed the deal. So, it is perhaps dangerous, to expect things to go too smoothly.
    I also see the call for contentment as extremely important for the glory of God. Does that mean we aren’t bringing pain and longing to Him on a daily basis though? I think we can rejoice and petition simultaneously. If sexual tension could be turned into electricity, I would light up South Carolina. I clearly want, and He made me that way, but I can still glorify by turning it over to Him.

    Anyways, Steven was well spoken.

  2. katie says:

    whooo!!! the part about the self help books…I couldn’t agree more fully. been saying it for ages. I want to take this blog and plaster it everywhere single adults are.

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