Why I need a job that keeps me busy.

Smells I Like by Cheryl R. Wood

Rain in the mountains
Leaves burning
Cologne and coffee in the morning
The hair of my nieces and my nephew
Dry wall and/or a freshly painted room
Lumber department at home improvement stores
New books
Very old books
Gasoline and nail pollish
Camden Yards hot dogs with onions and peppers


3 Responses to Why I need a job that keeps me busy.

  1. katie says:

    why my dyslexia is sometimes a problem: I read your blog a thousand times as “I smells like” before it FINALLY hit me that’s not the title.

  2. Steven says:

    Ever pull a freshly printed brochure, especially one with a varnish, out of the box and stick your nose hard into the binding and you’ll know what I mean.
    Also, I forget what number it is in the book you got me, but don’t you just hate it that the delicious smell of gasoline is harmful,but there is nothing harmful at all about fecal fumes.

  3. cheryl says:

    i guess i never thought about it that way. but yes, I LOVE the smell of new brochures! also, i forgot to add that i love the smell of a soccer field at night when it’s all dew covered. LOVE that smell.

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