Insight for a rookie.

I went to a Christian college. At HCS, most of my coworkers were…are Christians. Basically, for the last 10 years my world has been inundated with other Christians.

Now I am working at a mortgage company. We were sitting around talking at lunch, and one girl said she had spent her bonus check on a pair of Jeans. $250 to be exact. If Dave Ramsey was dead, he would turn over in his grave.

I sat and listened to them talk about how great it is to have designer jeans that lift the butt. While I understand the glory that is the perfect pair of jeans, I think it’s asinine to spend that kind of money on something that Gap does a fine job on for $30. There are people starving, and it never occures to them that there are other things to do with the money. But I am being judgemental. Maybe she gives lots of money to different philanthropic ventures. Who knows?

Here’s my question. How common is this attitude in other secular environments? Do I see this differently because of Jesus or would most people see it differently than my coworkers regardless of faith? It seems to be common sense to me that spending $250 on one pair of jeans is crazy. Is it common sense or divine sense?


9 Responses to Insight for a rookie.

  1. Sam says:

    i work for a non-Christian non-profit. that means that although i’m mostly surrounded by the secular, they’re secular people who are passionate about their low-paying jobs. therefore, the thought of $250 for a pair of jeans would not only seem asinine, but would warrant a memo from the CEO regarding good workplace and homeplace decisions that can help further the mission of the company, with the mission statement in bold on the letterhead.

    wow. only been here 6 months, and i’ve got GW pegged.

  2. Sam says:

    oh- and the memo would also include a donation envelope for that person to use, since they’re obviously a ‘good financial prospect’, to use fundraising lingo.

  3. katie says:

    gap does a good job at it for $50 unless you hit a rare jeans sale. i work in an environment where i am the only Christian, and even my co-workers – ok maybe not my boss who gets all his clothing from berlins on king street – would thing that 250 bucks on jeans was a waste. however, they tend the waste their cash on other things, then spend half a day griping about how they dont have enough money to pay for their wedding while shopping for a new bike rack for their car – nevermind that they dont have a bike – yet.

  4. Steven says:

    I work at an ad agency that makes me feel like I have just walked onto the set of The Devil Wears Prada. 250 dollar jeans are not only acceptable, they are part of “the uniform.” Also ridiculous eyewear.
    I’ve always considered myself to be reasonably fashion forward, but this place makes me feel like I need to go be on what not to wear.

  5. cheryl says:

    rubbish, steven. you always dress well. even when you’re dressed down, it seems to be a “do.”

  6. Smith says:

    well, so law school presents an environment where 90% of individuals are wearing designer jeans. maybe they didn’t spend $250 for one pair, but they did spend over $100 for their cheapest. Even my “normal” friends have started spending more and more on jeans. My target jeans are wearing out, and I found myself at Lucky the other day and was trying some $129 jeans on until a little voice whispered, “hello…you there….yes….pay attention…..this is RIDICULOUS!” I’m currently jeanless. I think $50 is ok. Maybe even $70 if you absolutely love the jeans and can afford it. It’s hard enough here, where everyone is spending the big bucks for school clothes. I can’t imagine working at an ad agency where it’s sort of expected – the good thing about law jobs is they require non-jeans đŸ™‚

  7. Jared says:

    $250 for jeans is stupid. Though I have recently started moving up the jeans ladder. Granted I started at the bottom shopping at the goodwill store. Now I shop the clearance rack at Marshalls. Pseudo-mall-designer jeans really do fit better. But True Religion jeans? I couldn’t ever look myself in the eye with those. No matter how good they make my buy look good.
    But is a $5 coffee any different?

  8. cheryl says:

    i don’t know. $5 coffee? $50 cobalt blue cashmire sweaters?

    (I was being tongue in cheek. Don’t you DARE feel guity and return it!)

  9. Jared says:

    It was $40. And I had a $10 off coupon. So yes, I got myself a $30 sweater. So go ahead, roll your eyes and say I could have gotten one for $5 at the Salvation Army and given the difference to starving children. But wait, then I’d have to wear said $5 sweater.

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