Cause I’m Fifty! (and a half lbs lighter)

I have written this blog in my head so many times. Now I am here and I can’t seem to decide whether it should be celebratory or thoughtful and sober. And since I keep shifting from a perpetual grin to teary overwhelmedness, enjoy the schizophrenia of this post.

It’s kind of strange that I haven’t (wooo hooooo) really blogged about one of the most significant journeys I have ever been on. (well, other than talking about the skinny (YOWZAH! YOWZAH! YOWZAH!) girl who can’t run as long as I can)

This morning, I reached my half way point. And since I lost an additional half pound, I now(Halli hoooo!) have less weight to lose than I have already lost. When I realized (yipeeee) that, it took a minute to sink in. Some times I can’t believe any of the last (SHAZAM!) year has really happened. God has truly made me a new creature inside and out.

Ok. Ive decided that this is going to be a serious blog now (note mood change). I am loved by my Jesus who can change things. HE CAN CHANGE THINGS. I never imagined I would be here. I never allowed myself to hope that life could be different until HIS power silenced condemnations spiteful yammerings in my heart. This morning, I put on a pair of jeans that look terrible on me because they are way too big.

And I felt pretty. I felt pretty. What can’t He do?

He is so sweet to me. And if you don’t know Him you are missing everything that is anything in life. In fact, you are missing Life. He isn’t religion. He isn’t a political figure. He isn’t something to make you feel good about your life philosophy. He is the only power in heaven and earth that can change the heart and bring life.

All glory, praise and honour to the Name above all names.

I can stretch and kick ’cause I’m Fifty! (Molly Shannon from SNL)


6 Responses to Cause I’m Fifty! (and a half lbs lighter)

  1. Tammy says:

    You’re melting away right before our eyes!! You look fabulous! You’re an inspiration to all of us who can’t seem to discipline ourselves. That reminds me that I need to get to the gym and start working harder so that I can run the bridge without stopping 🙂

  2. Hope says:

    Congratulations! Go after it Cheryl…He has made you victorious. I am so proud of your persistance!

  3. mom says:

    Well, as for me, I’m VERY happy for you. You deserve to yell for such an accomplishment! Keep up the endurnace, dedication and focus.

  4. amy says:

    my roomie is a running champ and is going to dominate the bridge run.

  5. cheryl says:

    and by “dominate” she means crawl on both knees, panting, begging for death:) thanks, amy!!

  6. Smith says:

    Congratulations! It’s always amazing to see where God will bring us. A smile is on my face for you 🙂

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